7” Capactive Touch Panel


  • Capacitive touch technology is suitable for all size monitors.
  • Touch sensor can respond to light touch, and no pressure force is needed for detection
  • Touch Visibility is high because structure is only glass layer.
  • Touch is structurally tough as it is made of one sheet of glass.
  • Touch does not get affected by moist, dust, or grease.
  • Touch has high resolution and high response speed.
  • Touch technology support multi-touch.

  • Specification
  • Product name 7″ Capacitive Touch Panel
    Model No ZL07CTP
    Touch Panel Type Capacitive Touch
    Diagonal Size 164.90×100
    Active Area 154.08×85.92
    Cover Glass Thickness 0.55mm
    Sensor Thickness 0.7mm
    Total Thickness 1.43mm
    Touch Controller FT5346
    Silk-print Color Black
    Supported Os Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, QNX
    Structure G+G
    Surface Hardness 7H
    Transparency 86%min
    Touch System Interface USB interface
    Touch Points 10 points
    Voltage 2.8~3.3v
    Connection FPC-Connector
    Touch Response time 6ms
    Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
    Operating Temperature -30℃~70℃
    Customized Available
    Surface Treatment Support to customize AG, AF, AR