Pave the way for intelligent oil and gas industry
ZULJANA AEx series is the solution for hazardous environment.It is capable of withstanding vibration stock,corrosion and can operate under the condition of exposure to gas and vapor.
The AEx series comes in panel PC(AEx-ZULPC) which are packed withdifferent level of computing performance requried in the hardest environment applications.

Size Selection

15" 16" 19" 21.5" LCD

  • ATEX Zone2,IECEx and C1D2 Certificate
  • Intel Core 5th I5/I3 processor (AEx-ZLPC Series)
  • Wide range DC 9~36V Power Input
  • Support Panel Mount & VESA Mount
  • Support Projected Capacitive Touch
  • Full Flat Bezel and Fanless Design
  • Modular Design
Mounting Application
ATEX Safaty Certification solution is well-prepare for Harardous Environment Applications
In potentially explosive atmosphere,the explosion can be occurred when three elements exist:Flammable and combustible substances,Comburents,lgnition source.The equipments in this environment strictly are required the high safety certification to ensure that each stage operates accurately.ZULJANA AEx series solutions meet ATEX/IECEx/C1D2 certificate for instinsic safety that can be greatly used in Ex-area.
  • ●Zone0:present frequently,continuously,or for long period.(>1000 hours/year)
  • ●Zone1:occur in normal operation occasionally.(less than<1000 hours/year)
  • ●Zone2:occur in normal operation,but if it does occur,will persist for a short period only.(less than 10 hours/year)
  • C1D2 certification ensures AEx series will create sparks which could be detonated.
Explosion group
Examples depending on
-Explosion group
-Temperature class
Ammonia Methane Ethane Propane Ethanol Cyslohexene n-Butane Ethanol Cyslohexene Acetal-de-hyde
City gas Acrylic Nitrile Ethylene Ethylene Ethyl glycol Carbon hydrogen Ethyl ether
Hydrogen Acetylene Carbon disuphide
AEx series
ATEX and IECEx Marking:
II 3 G Ex nA ic IIC T4 Gc
  • II Equipment Group
    Equipment Category
  • G Environment
  • nA Type of Protection
    Type of Protection
  • IIC Explosion group
    Temperature Class(T1-T16)
  • Gc Equipment protection class
AEx-ZLPC Series
Multiple panel PCs are presented in control
room to deal with every situation 24/7
AEx-ZLPC Series
In small control room of oil and gas industry controlling
power on/off button is equipped for adjusting (order of
oilpipe),maintenance and emergency.