Zuljana’s Capacitive Touch PCs Designed for Different Applications and Solutions

As you already know, BaoBao Industrial always thrives to improve the quality and reliability of our products, thus also for this series, and therefor wish to update you with the features and different models. The capacitive touch PCs are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications in the commercial and industrial areas, such as:

 •  Control Panel for machine operation
•  POS in a store or other establishment
•  Digital signage monitor in any environment
•  Information display in public transportation 


The devices within this series have a modern and sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass, making the front panel water- and dust proof. The products within this series come with capacitive 10-finger multitouch, glass front reaching MosH 7, anti-glare treated glass surface (chemical etched) and a wide variety of industrial connectors. The device is powered by the powerful Intel® Core I3-3217U processor with up to 2.42GHz Core speed, equipped with 4GByte RAM and 64G SSD.

The PCs within this series are part of Zuljana’s focus products, thus providing a minimum stock quantity worldwide! Currently the following sizes are available: 7″, 8″, 10″, 10.1″, 12.1″, 13.3″, 15″, 15.6″, 17″, 19″ and 21.5″.

These devices are also available as Capacitive Touch Monitor version with a wide variety of connectors including USB-B for touch, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and audio inputs, including lockable 12V DC-In.

The capacitive touch PCs, together will all other BaoBao Industrial devices, can be customized upon request. Click here to contact us and share more information about your projects.


Zuljana ZL32TMBCAP – UHD 4K Resolution 32-inch Display Designed for Operating Room

Zuljana’s ZL32TMBCAP is a 32-inch near-patient surgical display with UHD 4K resolution. Purpose-built for the operating room, emergency room, and pre-operative areas, it offers an easy-clean design, smart mechanics, and the most detailed images in the procedure room today.

Zuljana design display solutions for healthcare professionals suitable for use in operating rooms, diagnosis, and clinical research applications. ZL32TMBCAP new healthcare display is a perfect price versus value combination for various healthcare applications.

Zuljana’s factory is ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016 certified for the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of healthcare devices. Zuljana products developed for use in healthcare are intrinsically safe and meet all the latest regulatory design requirements, and allows for us to produce IEC 60601 designed for healthcare applications devices.

Perfect image reproduction

The ZL32TMBCAP display features 350 nits brightness with high brightness options up to 700 nits, high contrast, and UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution to provide surgeons with accurate depth perception and sharp color and monochrome images. It presents images with unique color and grayscale accuracy and with near-zero latency for perfect hand-eye coordination.

Easy to install

For your ultimate flexibility in operation room design, the ZL32TMBCAP display can take place via ceiling mounted arms, onto equipment management booms, or even wall installed thanks to VESA mounting solution. Its lightweight design allows easy mounting on surgical booms and spring arms. This surgical display also features a remote control for the operating room staff to control the images, video without disturbing the operators.

Peripheral connectivity options

The ZL32TMBCAP supports a variety of input signals – 3G SDI, HDMI, VGA, Dual DVI, DP 1.2, USB 2.0, RS-232, RJ-11, and audio input – for the most convenience of surgeons and their assistants in the operating room. The display output signals include 3G SDI Loop Through (support 1080P), DP (Multi-Stream Transport), audio, and power 5V. Multi-Stream Transport gives the ability to connect a series of monitors to a single video output DisplayPort 1.2 port on the external computer, which is extremely useful when comparing two healthcare imaging, for example, before and after the surgery.

Safe for healthcare applications

The ZL32TMBCAP allows for easy cleaning and disinfection thanks to its smooth surface and splash-proof IP65-rated front panel offering protection against water and dirt. The fanless design and external plastic housing enhanced with antimicrobial properties help to prevent the spread of bacteria and contaminants.

For additional information, please contact Zuljana’s sales at sales@baobao-industries.com


Rugged LED Backlights Now Used in Zuljana Touch Screens

Model by model, we have been transitioning from traditional CCFL backlights over the past few years, and we are happy to announce that we are now using LED backlighting in all Zuljana Touch Devices monitors and touch screens.


LEDs have a number of advantages over traditional CCFLs, particularly when used in factory floor applications. LED backlights are lighter, slimmer, and because they are mercury free, create less environmental pollution on disposal.

Other benefits of LED backlights include:

  • Cooler running – using less power, generating less heat, and lasting longer
  • Higher resistance to mechanical shock and vibration – a must-have in many factories
  • Able to withstand lower temperatures – ideal for food and pharmaceutical industry uses
  • Maintain brightness longer – even when powered on 24/7
  • Power on instantly – especially useful in mission critical applications

Zuljana 15” Medical All-in-One Used with Lung Ventilation Machine

In Turkey,organizations are teaming up to manufacture 5,000 ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. The lung ventilators use Zuljana’s ZL15PC-C Medical All-in-One PC to display patient vitals and control the breathing apparatus. The ZL15PC-C is ideal for the lung ventilator because it has a 4:3 screen ratio and can run the Linux operating system. The system’s software was already developed when the medical device manufacturer came to Zuljana. So, we worked to find the right computer hardware fit.

The ZL15PC-C is not actually available in Zuljana’s product catalog. When it comes to medical OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), computer hardware needs can be very specific and unique. Zuljana is used to developing one-of-a-kind solutions for new medical devices and machines. In this case, the ZL15PC-C Medical Computer had all the right capabilities, but was not the right screen ratio. Zuljana carries similar models in a 4:3 screen ratio, so it was a matter of combining the right features, into the right housing.

Another feature of the ZL15PC-C that makes it perfect for the lung ventilator is its full-flat, waterproof front bezel, which can easily be sprayed and disinfected. This computer is also housed in medical-grade antimicrobial plastic, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs. It is lightweight enough to be pushed around on a medical cart, but it is durable and can withstand bumps and vibrations.

Normally, it can take months or even years to deploy a new medical device or machine, but the Coronavirus pandemic requires us to move quickly. Zuljana was able to send 12 computers for testing to the Turkish biomedical manufacturer. The ZL15PC-C proved to be the best PC for their lung ventilators and Zuljana proceeded to send 100 more units. Zuljana will continue to prioritize this order and other COVID-19 related orders, and work to send the rest of the units to Turkey over the coming weeks.
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